What is transcreation?

Transcreation, which refers to the adaptation process of a message from one language to another, is used increasingly by advertising transcreation agencies intending to convert a certain message into a new “creation” in another language.
Transcreation takes localisation a step further. Why ‘localise’ content when you can have the people who live and work in those countries coming up with creative concepts themselves? Concepts that fit the global campaign, but which are born of the local market.
Localisation is no substitute for transcreation. One gives you authentic, creative ideas generated by those who inhabit the culture, while the other translates fixed ideas to fit the local zeitgeist. Both have a role in brand campaigns but it is important to understand the difference.
Alternatively Transcreations is using an original idea in one language and using copyrighting skills in the new language. This renders a sleek version that works in the local market, using references and language that can be appreciated by the local audience on their terms.”

Why is it important?

Transcreation enhances the impact of language. Translating and localising content focuses on the clear communication of a message. Transcreation cares not only about the clarity of the concept, but the emotion and the power of the idea.
When we’re trying to shape a message to fit, or be understandable by, a local market, it’s easy to be so focused on getting the words right that we forget the vital active voice behind it. Brands want people to act, and transcreation helps ensure that the message is heard and felt.
In short, transcreation gets results. It means the brand isn’t just talking to its audience in their own language, but it’s also thinking in it.

Transcreation goes one step further from the mere translation and is due to become an indispensable part of businesses in the future. MM Translations Greece is investing its resources in this area to offer its clients cutting-edge solutions.

The intended audience of this service is the customers as expected; therefore, the transcreation content must be selected carefully by the company that intends to undertake this type of work.

At MM Translations Greece our linguists continuously advance their knowledge and skills on this emerging language area.